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1:1 Coaching

I work with highly gifted individuals who are looking to unlock their magic and potential.  Through the many modalities I offer, to embody your multidimensional aspects from multiple timelines, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to coaching someone through this process.  I do not like to refer myself as a coach, but more as a confidant and guide to simply help you remember your truth.  From what I have seen in this work, 3 sessions is the minimum amount of work to peel away the layers of old conditioning and programs of this lifetime.  Then we get into integrating who you are and why you are here on a soul level.  If you feel called to dive into this work with me.  Schedule a phone consult and we can get into creating a program just for you.

Private Breathwork Journey

This sacred ceremony will take you in the depths of your soul and beyond!! This process offers guided visualization, transformational breathwork, soulful medicine music, shamanic tools and wisdom, light body expansion techniques & sacred sound healing.  In this sacred container of intention setting and release, I will hold a safe & loving space to shine a light one deep seeded emotional wounds.  This is also an opportunity to call in the highest aspect of who you are using fresh prana (chi) and cultivate loving energy to the unknown. 

Shamanic Soul Journeys

In this sacred journey we will meet virtually and discuss your needs and set intentions for our time together.  I will take the time to call in all loving guides and benevolent beings who wish to communicate through me for the session and move and unwanted stagnant energy.  The body tends to hold unwanted energy for a number of reasons such as unconscious belief patterns.  When we become ready to shift these beliefs is when the energy is ready to clear.  Coupled with a precise intention,  the body becomes an amazing container for alchemical change.  I will use multiple modalities to shift and clear the energy such as sound, music, breath, visualization & frequency. 

Intuitive Guidance

This is an opportunity for you to get clarity from your guides, angels and magical beings on your souls path.  We will take the time to open up sacred space and ask for clear and direct wisdom for your path as it is now and as it lies ahead.  I tend to get visions up to one year in advance.

Light Code Integrations

As a light code carrier & light language practitioner, much of what I do in my client sessions is soul recall. I reclaim my clients soul aspects & bring them home.  I help souls recall ancient memories & integrate fragmented pieces that have been lost.  This type of work is shamanic work in the galactic realms. My type of specific language calls the grid of your body into alignment with Divine Will and activates you with your souls path.

 I do this work specifically in all my shamanic soul journeys.  This integration session is an upgrade for existing clients who feel they need a tune up in their energy or you simply wish to experience the frequencies of the Galactic Realm.

Galactic Council Session

This session is much like a light code integration but we will call on the Galactic Council for guidance.  Using tones, frequencies and vibration to open up the channel, the Council will step in to guide the session.

All of my services are on a sliding scale.  Please reach out to me and book a phone consultation or email message prior to your first service & I am sure we can find an arrangement to fit your needs. 


I give 10% of my income to the Friends of Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Tribe. 

Please send me a direct message about any of my services or how I work.  I will respond within 48 hours.  Thank you.

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