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Activate Your Truth.  Reclaim Your Power


Priestess Power Activations

Reclaim Your Sovereignty 

What would it feel like to FULLY embody your truth, health, wealth & vitality?  To access ALL of your spiritual and psychic gifts without any shame for the greater good of humanity?  I am here to help you do that sister.  To help you lead and step into your power and show up in your community from a place of compassions and integrity.  To share your big beautiful heart with the world.  I have MANY offerings where we can journey together so the walls of fear and rejection can come down.  Now is your time sister... Are you ready? 


Unleash Your Feminine Fire

A Day Retreat for womxn held on a gorgeous property in Berks County, PA.


This is the time to UNLEASH

You did not come here to play SMALL.  You are a fiery GODDESS that has a BIG open heart and voice that needs to be heard.  And we SEE YOU!

Are you ready to FULLY allow yourself to surrender to the stories and relax in nature in sacred sisterhood?

Can you for one day put all the "doing" aside and just BE?

BE the woman that your soul is choosing you to be?

Your heart is calling you... Is calling you for lifetimes at this very moment to come and receive.

To be with women who see you.  To connect with your inner FIRE.  

And it is time she UNLEASHES.

No more avoiding or dismissing what she wants to say... she has been buried down deep for TOO LONG.



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