Starseeds - The Importance of Soul Tribe

What do you think of when you hear the word starseed? Most of us are very ancient souls that have been traveling through many lifetimes. We have chosen to come back to Mother Earth to share our knowledge and wisdom from other cultures and civilizations to share with the human race. Wether it's social justice, healing, herbs, or spread the message of peace and unity. In fact, most of us starseeds have such strong ties to Unity Consciousness, that being on this planet is extremely difficult unless we find a member of our tribe. Another star being of galactic origin. Someone who feels like "home". There are many different planets that we have originated from across the galaxy. Andromeda, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus to name a few.

Our soul knew coming into this physical incarnation that we would go through some very difficult experiences. You may even have chosen to be the black sheep of the family. What society has deemed to be normal, was never your standard. You questioned everything and maybe even was shamed for it.

This was all part of the greater purpose and plan in unraveling your ancestral programming and conditioning to rewriting your stories and unveiling your truth.

Going through life trying to please others or force your will onto situations when we have unresolved pain or trauma can attract partners into your life that mirror the same pain on an energetic level.

A Starseeds mission is to activate the truth in others. Wether it's your family's, communities or the planet.

This can not be done if you have not cleared out your conditioning from the past. This is deep work and part of the starseed's soul contract.

Someone who is dedicated to serving the planet in a profound way. Somenone who feels they have a higher calling to giving back to humanity.

A Starseed is someone who has gone through life feeling like an outcast. They have searched over and over again for people to connect with and may have found themselves to be rejected time and time again.

The pain may have been unbearable at one point in time from a traumatic event and turned to drugs, food or sex. Starseeds naturally gravitate to holistic healing, astrology, the healing arts, they may be nurses, hairstylists or massage therapists. Any type of career that they are able to help someone. Naturally we want to connect on deep soul levels with people where we are able to transmit love through our hearts.

The problem with most healers right now and why people aren't in their power and sovereignty is because our culture still carries their conditioning with them into new relationships.

There is a need to fix people instead of giving freely without expectations.

Our internal reality creates our external reality.

Think about that for a moment.

Everything that appears in our life, is due to our unconscious programming. We carry beliefs in our unconscious wether from this life or a past life that literally holds us back from making new choices. This is why Soul Tribe is VITAL to our existence in rising up into our power and sovereignty.

When we are triggered by something, this is where we have the ability to explore unseen territory. To extract the energy that is laying dormant inside ourselves. To have a discussion with a member of our tribe and release it. To go inside and explore what is waiting for us to be released.

Our tribe, our family of choice, allows us to feel seen. They are the ones we have travelled with for millenia. We have danced in the temples in Egypt with. We have spent time doing healing work in Avalon. In one conversation, our DNA gets activated. The veil is lifted. Old timelines are transmuted. We are not suffocated ourselves any longer. Our voices become portals when we make new choices.

Now is the time to make the choice and become the sovereign being you were truly meant to be.

From my heart to yours,

Lynda XO

Akasha NohAta

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