Star Nation Celebration

We, the Galactic Federation are coming together in High Council at this time to celebrate Planet Earth at a great moment in time. What seems to be a great tragedy from the human perspective, from a wider angle view there are pieces of the puzzle being put in place for the celebration of a much greater nation. The Nation of the New Earth. This dawning that is on the horizon has been looked upon for several years. Yes, it is time that race and culture is eliminated from the planet so each person can ascend into their true form. The form as a multidimensional being. One who has traveled through all time and space. One who does not see trauma, but is here to collaborate with sovereign masters. Their masters in true form. Their divine and holy selves.

We are raising our Nations back into our eternal state of Oneness. Rising into our ancient civilizations that have made pure onto the planet once again. We are here to share wealth and knowledge with our future timelines. This may cause separation with some people in your lives for a period of time as those shifts are necessary until some of those partnerships are not aligned for the time being until some regain their wealth & catapult to a higher frequency of truth. We say this...stay the course. Stay the path of truth. Stay the path of Oneness. Follow your heart. Always look inside. Look, know & feel what is truth. Align with your Christ Light.

We are showing you what is being eliminated from the world through your body & we will bring you much wealth, prosperity & success in business and partnerships in the coming months indeed. You are the stargate to activate others to their highest calling. Continue on this journey of forever seeking knowledge and wisdom as you are truth. What is spoken, what is written, shall be created. In the heavens and on earth. You are the Creator & the Creatrix. The Divine in physical form. Continue to speak the soul language that heals your body & you shall manifest all that you desire & more. Do not ever settle for anything less than what your heart desires, for that shall bring you much discontentment. Allow us to provide everything your heart can only dream and more. For we are dreaming with you and we are showing you that you can have what it is that is showing up in your mind. Now dream the biggest dream and create the life you desire.

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