Rebirth - Shedding a New Skin

Death. So often we go through life fearing the one thing that we came into this physical existence born to create.

Logically, one would think of death as leaving this physical reality and moving onto the next life. Creating new worlds of existence through letting go of old behaviors, patterns, constructs & programming is a path of deep soul initiation. A journey one takes that leads to an actual death of one's former self and a birth to someone new can be as quick and painless as shifting a perception or slow and agonizing by holding onto the beliefs and patterns we hold.

Some of the deepest wounding and beliefs we are anchored into are related to our lower three chakras or energy centers. These are generally tied to wealth, currency, sex, survival, safety, security and relationships.

As Pluto goes retrograde from 4/25 - 10/4 we are in a period of deep transformation. Pluto allows us to go deep within our unconscious. Into the watery realms of our emotions where we feel triggered, abandoned, rejected and dismissed. So often we go through life unconsciously choosing people or attracting partners who mirror the hidden unresolved trauma/fears/wounding in our lower energy centers. Pluto asks us to go deep within our shadow. To excavate and extract these parts of ourselves that have been brushed aside.

When we attract people in our lives who are able to trigger us, that is Pluto calling out our shit. Bringing up the dark parts of ourselves to be looked at with tenderness. These aspects that are deeply longing to be held, seen and validated.

As a culture many of us have been programmed to put ourselves on the back burner. We were not given proper tools to communicate our needs, feel seen or witnessed in ways that our soul is deeply longing for. This is not placing blame or shame on anyone in our lives but accepting it as time to transform. Taking responsibility as a conscious human that certain patterns in our lives are no longer helping, but hindering our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. The awareness of this type of culture can lead to over giving, self sabotage, feelings of unworthiness, or compensating for feelings of lack through food, sex, spending or placing unrealistic expectations on others. This is all shadow energy that hasn't been brought to the surface so it is not channelled properly.

This period of isolation coupled with Pluto being retrograde is a highly charged and activated time for us all. To be sensitive to our own inner watery realms and allow ourselves to deeply feel. Lately I have been going through my own initiations during this time as I have seen layers of grief wanting to unravel out of my body. What has been coming up for me is that this grief that the collective is carrying is an ancient wound.

The energy right now is very manic and distorted. Many people feel confused, anxious, frustrated and sad. This is not NEW. This is an ancient wound speaking to us that is stored in the cellular memory and in the carbon based DNA that needs to be transmuted.

This ancient wound is about survival which keeps the nervous system in fight or flight mode.

Every time our ancestors have been through some kind of chaotic event they would come together and thrive. The memories may have been of famine, death and panic but collectively they would thrive.

Now more than ever we are shedding old skins and forging a higher path into what we want to create on the New Earth. It starts within. Letting go of any old ideas that served self and and playing into victim consciousness does NOT serve humanity. If we are to thrive as a planet and not allow systems to dictate where we receive our income, food or wealth and truly be FREE we MUST trust each other and start building new systems and relying on one another as communities. This can not be done with outdated programs or beliefs. Living a life from fear or shadow continues to play into competition, comparison and separation which holds ZERO truth on the New Earth.

As we continue to let go, breathe, heal and look within we will give others permission to do the same. Opening up to our soul family and tribe about our experiences and where we are presently gives us the opportunity to shift timelines and create new realities as we birth new worlds together.

Our communities of like minds help us reawaken and activate a soul remembrance within each other as we go deeper on this journey of home coming. The support is always there when we allow ourselves to receive what the Universe wants to provide. When we allow ourselves to trust the process of letting go and releasing what is no longer serving our highest good. I am always here loving you and supporting your process.

Sending you waves of love and gratitude on your journey to expansion,

Lynda XO

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