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Lynda Bianchini


StarGate Priestess, MultiDimensional Activator & Creatrix

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Certified Breathwork Facilitator, StarGate Priestess, MultiDimensional Activator & Soul Guide.

Hello beautiful Soul,  it is my DIVINE honor to help you (re)awaken and remember the truth of who you are.  I embody & carry the codes of the feminine Christ within my cellular DNA.  I am here to activate and anchor these codes within  ALL beings who choose them.  Although I primarily work with wombyn and those who identify as she/her.

My path started at a very young age when I was always curious about the stars, the moon, and what exists beyond our earthly plane.  I never felt "from here." After years of trying to leave my body and go home to my celestial family (unconsciously) which caused much disruption to my physical health, I began a journey of deep inner child healing and self love.  My beloved family of the Universe was always there guiding me through the deep inner turmoil in symbols, songs and nature.  I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III Reiki Master, 200 Hour Yoga Instructor, & a certified breath work facilitator.  All of these modalities have led me on the path to integrating my own soul back into the human experience, connecting to my body, others & Mother Earth.   But truly it is through my own life experience that gives me the greatest credentials to lead and facilitate in SOUL EMBODIMENT.  Through my connection to Love/Source Consciousness that I am able to help you RECLAIM your soul aspects, activate your truth, and integrate your multidimensional selves. 

 Through  1:1 sessions, breathwork ceremonies, online events and trainings, I have guided hundreds of people to reclaim their soul sovereignty, truth, power and confidence.  I look forward to knowing you !! 


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1:1 Coaching

Shamanic Soul Journeys

Light Code Integrations

Book a phone consult prior to any service if you would like help navigating your options.


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In gratitude for you visiting my site, I have created a totally free 15 minute Light Language Transmission designed for balancing the hemispheres of the brain and the heart.  

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“I went to Lynda knowing I was ready to do the work.  I had been stuck in a cycle of constant anxiety, self-doubt & procrastination.  She cleared my ancestral wound, one which I acknowledged but had no real understanding of how much much it impacted me both physically & mentally.  After the clearing, my ability to sit and focus, hear, see & KNOW the signs of my remembering has been monumental.  Lynda is incredibly compassionate & nurturing but her no-nonsense way kept me accountable.  With much love and respect, I say if you are ready to dive deep, she is the being to support your journey!!”

Jenn F

Please send me a direct message about any of my services or how I work.  I will respond within 48 hours.  Thank you.

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