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MultiDimensional Healer, Galactic Shaman & Shamanic Priestess

Hey Loves!,  It is my DIVINE honor to help you (re)awaken and remember the truth of who you are.  I am here to activate and anchor the codes of deep remembrance within  ALL beings who choose them.  My path started at a very young age when I was always curious about the stars, the moon, and what exists beyond our earthly plane.  I never felt "from here." After years of trying to leave my body and go home to my celestial family (unconsciously) which caused much disruption to my physical health, I began a journey of deep inner child healing and self love.  My beloved family of the Universe was always there guiding me through the deep inner turmoil in symbols, songs and nature.  I am a professionally trained clairvoyant reader & healer through the third eye psychic school.  I am able to see with clear vision through my third eye, the blocks in your auric field, your past lives, your attention to your higher self & your souls path.  I use many other other modalities in which I am trained to clear and heal the blocks in your energy field which keep us stuck from living our purpose.   All of these modalities have led me on the path to integrating my own soul back into the human experience, connecting to my body, others & Mother Earth.   But truly it is through my own life experience that gives me the greatest credentials to lead and facilitate in SOUL REMEMBRANCE.   Through my connection to Love/Source Consciousness, sound & frequency that I am able to help you RECLAIM your soul aspects, activate your truth, and integrate your multidimensional selves. 

 Through  1:1 sessions, breathwork ceremonies, online events and trainings, I have guided hundreds of people to reclaim their soul sovereignty, truth, power and confidence.  I look forward to knowing you !! 


My Journey

The story of my becoming is ever being told.  I am an artist, a healer, a lover, a poet and a seeker of beauty and magic.  I find that I thrive in deep connected states of touch, sound and energetic frequency that I am at my best.  Through deep communion with Spirit, Mother Earth, the elements & her children, I am consistently finding the truth of who I am and remembering why I am here.  To preserve the magic and beauty in all things.  To breathe new life whenever possible into others, when it's accepted and to not be offended when it's not taken.  For I am  s child of the most HIGH and all beings may not remember this.  But if I can bring this eternal remembrance into their life, I have done my work.  Every day someone struggles with a battle unforeseen.  I have had my share.  Let us rise together in LOVE and show each other the way back home.  Whichever path you choose.   I began my journey as a dancer and model throughout my childhood years and moved on to becoming a hairstylist in my early 20s.  I am currently building a new brand of plant based skin care & ritual oils infused with high magic and energetic frequencies.  I am SO excited to bring you this offering. Stay tuned...

Much Love, Lynda XO

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Type of Services Offered

Clairvoyant Readings

Shamanic Soul Journeys

Sacred Sound Channeling

Send me an email prior to any service if you would like help navigating your options.


My Gift To You!

In gratitude for you visiting my site, I have created a totally free 15 minute Light Language Transmission designed for balancing the hemispheres of the brain and the heart.  

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“I went to Lynda knowing I was ready to do the work.  I had been stuck in a cycle of constant anxiety, self-doubt & procrastination.  She cleared my ancestral wound, one which I acknowledged but had no real understanding of how much much it impacted me both physically & mentally.  After the clearing, my ability to sit and focus, hear, see & KNOW the signs of my remembering has been monumental.  Lynda is incredibly compassionate & nurturing but her no-nonsense way kept me accountable.  With much love and respect, I say if you are ready to dive deep, she is the being to support your journey!!”

Jenn F

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